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  • "My wife and I shoped online in order to buy zelboraf. I usually order for a 3 month and I am very happy with this pharmacy for us it is very comfortable" N. Levin, another USA satisfied Customer
  • "I was buying my caprelsa at an online pharmacy which was recommended to me by a close friend, for few years I was pretty happy , and all of a sudden I received my medication in the generic form , while I specifically asked Brand name medications only, they have told me they were out of stock, I wanted my money back, I returned the package back to that pharmacy and waited for a refund, till now I didn't get anything , about 3 years have passed since then and no money back, So I have started looking for caprelsa and so I ve found IsraMeds I get only brand names medications, from the brand manufacturers at prices about 50% less the US pharmacy I used to shop at" C. Meduchi. Another USA satisfied customer
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  • "I am originally from Australia ( now at USA) so I was buying gilenya for years at our home pharmacies but I have come across when I looked to buy Gilenya and discovered great prices and I got great service! I am very happy with IsraMeds and buy gilenya." B Newman another USA satisfied customer..
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